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Third Party Administrators

Boston Insurance Law Attorney

Defense of Third Party Administrators

The Boston, Massachusetts law firm of Gannett & Associates is experienced and effective in representing Third Party Administrators (TPA) of commercial liability claims.

Businesses that experience a high volume of commercial liability claims often contract with a third party administrator to process claims. Although many claims paid out of pocket by the TPA are small, the demand is typically high at the commencement of the claim and the business carries a high deductible for all claims of serious injury or property damage.

Gannett & Associates steps in to defend against those serious injury insurance claims and plaintiff lawsuits. Richard W. Gannett offers more than 20 years of insurance law experience, and has practiced insurance defense in the greater Boston area since 1989. He is a tenacious trial lawyer skilled in settlement negotiations and considerable “hand to hand combat” experience at trial.

Mr. Gannett has represented many Third Party Administrators who contract with major U.S. corporations, including:

  • Supermarket chains
  • Rental car agencies
  • Retail chains
  • An airport cleaning company

In addition to defending against plaintiff claims, we sometimes are called upon to represent TPAs in litigation against the first party for refusal to reimburse claims, or against the insurance company for refusing to settle claims in good faith.

Contact Richard W. Gannett to arrange a consultation about third party administrator insurance defense. You will meet with Mr. Gannett personally, and he handles all aspects of the claim with his staff. He is available on short notice to deal with time-sensitive filings and court appearances.

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