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Overseas Trading Companies

U.S. Debt Collections for Asian Trading Companies

Exporters based in Hong Kong and mainland China ship all sorts of goods everywhere, often on little more than an e-mail handshake. Even payment tools like standby letters of credit or documentary collection drafts are anything but foolproof in protecting a trading company’s right to its price.

If your trading company needs legal advice about the best ways to collect bad debts for goods sold and shipped to buyers in the American states of Massachusetts or Illinois, contact an experienced collections lawyer at the Boston-based law firm of Gannett & Associates. We have 20 years of experience with the enforcement and liquidation of outstanding accounts, including cases complicated by fraud or bankruptcy.

We advise companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore

Our typical trading company client sold and delivered a shipment of export goods by air or cargo container to a corporate buyer located in Boston, Chicago or any other location in Massachusetts or Illinois. Terms range from open accounts to documentary collections or standby letters of credit. In rare cases, fake cashier’s checks figure in the payment. The transaction in default is frequently the last and biggest in a series of sales that were completed without problems.

At Gannett & Associates, we go to work right away for our trading company clients. We perform the following services as necessary to establish liability against the buyer in default and proceed against the buyer’s assets:

  • Identify and locate the parties to the transaction in Massachusetts or Illinois
  • File a civil action with documentation sufficient to support the grant of a default judgment or summary judgment in favor of the trading company
  • Identify and locate the proceeds of the resale of the purchased goods
  • Investigate the ownership structure and assets of the defendant buyer
  • Establish judgment liens by filing the record of judgment in each county where the defendant or any of its principals or affiliates owns real property
  • Void transfers of assets from the defendant buyer to others whenever these transactions are between affiliates or unsupported by adequate consideration
  • Pursue the trading company’s claim against new entities that succeed to the assets of the buyer after assignment, sale or formal dissolution
  • Protect the trading company’s claim if the buyer files for bankruptcy under U.S. law

We offer flexible terms for trading companies based in China or elsewhere in Asia. We can quote an hourly rate for legal services, or accept your debt collection case on a contingent fee basis, under which our attorney’s fee will be a percentage of the amounts actually recovered.

Call (617) 367-0606 to consult with a debt collection lawyer in Boston

For a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you resolve international debt collection problems, contact Gannett & Associates in Boston.

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