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International Fraud Recovery

Legal Advice for Victims of International Trade Fraud

If your company has suffered losses due to fraud in the performance of international sales or credit transactions, contact a knowledgeable asset recovery attorney at Gannett & Associates in Boston. Our experience with the investigation, litigation and collection of damages resulting from fraud in international trade can help you recoup your losses.

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Difficult collections problems have formed the primary focus of our practice since our law firm was established in 1989. In international fraud recovery cases, our typical client is an international trading company holding a claim for thousands or hundreds of thousands against a dishonest buyer.

Proving liability against your debtor is the easy part. In most cases, obtaining a default judgment against a defendant who never appears to contest the allegations of breach of contract or nonpayment will be little more than a formality. Your lawyer’s skill will be put to the test in the collections phase.

Our experience comes into play when it’s time to collect on the judgment against the party in default. In a fraudulent sales case, where goods are bought with forged cashier’s checks or false documentary collection drafts, we’re often able to locate the buyer or buyer’s affiliates in Massachusetts or Illinois where we practice, and go through the painstaking process of finding answers to such questions as the following:

  • What happened to the shipped goods?
  • Who was involved in the fraud?
  • What happened to the proceeds of the resale of the shipped goods?
  • Have the assets of the fraudulent buyer been transferred to another party?
  • Are the fraudulent buyers still doing business under another business name or corporate entity?

American law makes it difficult for the perpetrators of fraud to get away with their dishonest behavior, provided that the victim of fraud is diligent in gathering the facts behind insider transactions, fraudulent transfers, corporate restructuring and other strategies designed to conceal the ownership of assets. At Gannett & Associates, we can advise any international seller who suspects fraud in the sale of goods to a defaulting buyer in Massachusetts or Illinois.

We also advise international money transfer companies whose local agents in Greater Boston or the Chicago area have failed to make remittance on wire transfers or money orders in substantial amounts.

To learn more about our international fraud recovery practice in Massachusetts and Illinois, contact a knowledgeable collections lawyer at Gannett & Associates in Boston for a free consultation.

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