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International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection in Boston and Chicago

While some overseas exporters and distributors understand that the safest way to ensure payment for goods purchased and shipped is the export letter of credit, many trading companies and foreign sellers trust instead to the strength of longstanding relationships for assurance that the buyer’s obligations will be fully performed.

This doesn’t always work. If you need help with the collection of the purchase price of goods sold and shipped to Massachusetts or Illinois in the United States, or if your purchaser is a business or individual based or residing in Massachusetts or Illinois, the law firm of Gannett & Associates can advise and represent you.

Call (617) 367-0606 in Boston for advice about international debt collection

We represent manufacturers, trading companies and distributors all over the world who need help with the collection and enforcement of legitimate contract obligations incurred by buyers in Massachusetts or Illinois.

Collections attorney Richard Gannett has more than 25 years of experience with asset recovery in difficult situations involving claims across jurisdictional lines, insolvency or fraud. Licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Massachusetts, he knows how to investigate the details of your transaction and the purchasing entity to maximize the prospect of eventual full payment.

Our sophistication and experience with difficult international debt collection problems can help you whether you’re in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, Korea, Latin America or Europe. We know how standby letters of credit and documentary collection drafts can appear to secure your right to payment, only to fall apart after the goods have been shipped and received.

We also know how buyers can use shell corporations, fraudulent transfers and even bankruptcy to avoid liability on their payment commitments. We have also seen how unscrupulous buyers can enter into a series of transactions with an international seller, with full payment on each occasion — until the final transaction in an amount greater than the aggregate value of the prior purchases.

We offer competitive rates. To discuss your international debt collection problem with a knowledgeable lawyer, contact Gannett & Associates in Boston for a free consultation.

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