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About the Firm

Skilled in Asset Recovery and Complex Debt Collection

Though ready to handle civil litigation across a wide spectrum of commercial and insurance law issues, Gannett & Associates today concentrates on complex debt collection problems for domestic and international lenders, sellers and judgment creditors whose debtors can be found in Massachusetts or Illinois. To learn how our experience can help you find a solution to a difficult asset recovery problem, contact us in Boston for a free consultation.

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Licensed to practice in both Massachusetts and Illinois, Richard W. Gannett has more than 25 years of experience with complex civil litigation. He founded his current law firm in 1989. With an emphasis on personalized client service and creative solutions to complex problems, he serves the needs of clients around the world who need help with asset recovery and debt collection Overview in Boston and Greater Chicago.

Mr. Gannett also draws upon a rich family tradition of excellence in the legal profession. His uncles began long and successful legal careers in Boston back in 1937, and they introduced the finer points of litigation and solid client service values to many associates who went on to become prominent Massachusetts trial attorneys and judges.

In today’s litigation environment, responsiveness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness have emerged as especially important considerations for clients concerned about the hazards of throwing good money after bad in debt collection cases. We take the time necessary to establish a relationship with new clients, particularly overseas trading companies that have suffered losses on defaulted purchase commitments or fraudulent payment arrangements in Boston or Chicago.

At the same time, we are quick to present a range of collection and recovery alternatives in cases where the debtor’s assets are getting harder to reach with the passage of time. We offer competitive rates.

To learn more about our approach to client service in complex debt collection situations, contact Gannett & Associates for a free consultation in Boston.

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