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Debt Collection Overview

Complex Collection, Fraud and Asset Recovery Litigation

The collections practice at Gannett & Associates seldom involves credit cards, car loans or even mortgage foreclosure. Instead, we concentrate on complex creditors’ rights issues arising out of international sales, fraud, successor liability or difficult asset location and recovery problems. We identify concealed or transferred assets and pursue legal action against the debtors, transferees, shell corporations and bankruptcy estates that hold those assets.

If you need help with a difficult debt collection or asset recovery problem in Massachusetts or Illinois, discuss your case with an attorney who has more than 25 years of complex litigation experience. Contact the Boston law firm of Gannett & Associates for a free consultation.

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Examples of the kinds of debt collections cases we handle include the following:

Our debt collection and asset recovery practice focuses on cases where the creditor’s biggest problem is not the debtor’s insolvency, but its dishonesty and determination to conceal assets. Our skill at tracing assets through a maze of transfers and false documentation can protect the value of your unliquidated claim or your default judgment.

For the advice of a lawyer who knows how to handle complex collection cases, contact Gannett & Associates for a free consultation in Boston.

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