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Collections for Professionals

Collecting Debts Owed to Massachusetts Professionals

At the law firm of Gannett & Associates, we represent practice groups of all kinds in the enforcement and collection of defaulted obligations for professional services rendered. Contact us in Boston to discuss your debt collection problem with an experienced asset recovery attorney.

We advise professional practice groups with substantial bad debt claims

In a difficult economy, professionals are especially vulnerable to nonpayment when their clients’ fortunes turn sour. Accountants, lawyers, designers, physicians and consultants of all kinds are seldom in a position to secure their rights to payment with priority interests in collateral, so that when a client fails to pay for services you can proceed directly against assets.

While some professionals can look to statutory liens for a measure of security, the lien of an attorney or architect will seldom attach to property worth enough to meet the claim, especially if the client’s financial problems mean that a project or transaction will never be completed.

The debt collection professionals at Gannett & Associates focus on the most difficult collection problems. We can help you determine whether an apparently insolvent debtor actually has assets hidden or held in another name. If your debtor is a corporation or limited liability company, we can investigate the affiliations and ownership structure of the entity to see whether any solvent entity can be held to answer for your losses.

Our experience in bankruptcy court can also help you make the most of the opportunity to examine your debtor’s finances and past transactions with a view toward maximizing the value of your unsecured claim or excepting it from discharge.

Professional practices appreciate the flexibility our law firm offers in terms of retainer and fee arrangements. We offer competitive rates. For additional information about our experience with tough collection problems for professionals in Greater Boston and across the state, contact Gannett & Associates for a free consultation.

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