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Debt Collection

Insurance Defense and Creditors' Rights Attorney

With more than 25 years of experience in complex debt collections, insurance litigation and civil trials on a wide variety of issues, Richard W. Gannett blends a distinctive set of skills to resolve legal problems for judgment creditors, international trading companies and other clients who need help enforcing their rights against insolvent or fraudulent debtors.

To discuss your situation with a knowledgeable asset recovery lawyer, contact Gannett & Associates in Boston for a free consultation about your legal alternatives both in and out of bankruptcy.

Call (617) 367-0606 for dependable advice about your collection options

Gannett & Associates is an established Boston law firm that represents commercial creditors, lending institutions, third party administrators, insurance companies and even former spouses in litigation and debt collection. The firm also represents secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy cases.

Richard W. Gannett is a veteran trial lawyer and creditors' rights attorney licensed in both Massachusetts and Illinois. Mr. Gannett has represented Fortune 500 corporations, overseas sellers and lenders, and smaller companies in Boston, western Massachusetts and Chicago. He can act quickly to protect your interests when fraud or delay will threaten your interests, but he has the patience and determination necessary to locate assets and debtors who prefer not to be found.

Skilled counsel in debt litigation, asset recovery and bankruptcy claims

Mr. Gannett is proven at trial and effective in negotiations across the full range of his civil litigation practice. To arrange a free consultation with an experienced attorney, contact Gannett & Associates in Boston.